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Choose GripTek to keep your floors safe from slips

You can rest easy knowing that your floors are safe from slips, and you and your business are protected. GripTek provides the simplest and fastest way to test your floors and then provide the right treatment to stop slips.

Trained technicians, fast application and a range of exclusive and proven products means that GripTek is your best choice for safety and peace of mind.

What We Do

We provide a professional service and certainty for our clients by treating floor surfaces to ensure they meet strict safety standards and regulations. Our services include:


We use an acid micro-etch solution that microscopically alters the surface of your floor to create grip, making it safe.
  • Minimal change to the look of the surface when dry
  • Maximum grip when wet
  • Surface ready for use immediately after treatment
  • Surface remains safe even when exposed to water, grease and oil


Our technicians use the latest testing technology to rate your floors to check if they conform to relevant Australian standards.
  • Wet Pendulum determines friction co-efficient of any hard surface
  • Check your level of compliance
  • Meet your duty of care to customers and employees

We use our own exclusive range of anti-slip solutions and cleaning products

Surfaces We Treat

GripTek treats interior and exterior surfaces and all types of hard floor materials. We work for a range of clients across many industries, in both the private and public sectors. Call us today on 1300 01 GRIP to find out how we can make your floors safe from slips.


Ceramic and porcelain tilesCeramic and porcelain tiles
All natural stonesAll natural stones
Manufactured StoneManufactured stone


Commercial Buildings

Industrial Properties

Residential Buildings

Public Spaces

Leisure facilities


Why Choose GripTek

When you want to be sure you are getting the best results and service, GripTek is the easy choice. Our team of qualified technicians has many years of industry experience and uses an exclusive range of anti-slip solutions and cleaning products. And we are proud to offer an industry-leading 6-year warranty on our surface treatments.

Choose GripTek for the simplest and easiest way to stop slips and protect you and your business.

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